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Regular maintenance of your wooden building will prolong its overall life. Wood was a living material and carries a certain amount of water content and because of this it's characteristics will alter with climatic conditions.

When very dry the wood will shrink and when overly wet the wood will expand, so expect some movement within the wood in extreme conditions.

It is important to try to protect your sheds from the elements. Make sure no branches, bushes, hedges or trees are touching or overly close.

Guttering a building will help enormously. regular treatment with a recognised brand of either a 'Spirit' or 'Water' based product is a must (at least two coats). Depending on the product used each manufacturer will offer some kind of 'life span' for their product but as a rule of thumb when rainwater settles on a treated building it will form into 'beads' and run off when the rainwater ceases to form into beads this is the time to retreat your shed.

Below is a comprehensive 'to do' list for buildings supplied by us:

UK GARDEN BUILDINGS All buildings, unless stated otherwise come with a factory base coat, these buildings come with a years guarantee and to maintain this guarantee the buildings need to be treated within 3 months of installation and thereafter as required with a suitable wood preserver.

RUSTIC RANGE These buildings are soaked in dip and require retreating after about a year

TANALISED BUILDINGS The following recommendations refer to any Tanalised buildings. It is important to remember that a Tanalised building is not waterproof, Tanalising stops the wood from rotting but it is NOT a waterproofing treatment, there are many suitable waterproofing products on the market both coloured and clear, we sell a very good product called Protek. Depending on the newness of the timber iit is advisable to treat Tanalised Timber when the surface appears to be dry.